Organisational wellbeing refers to a company‚Äôs ability to create and maintain a culture where employees can fulfill their potential and the company can profitably fulfill its purpose. It is therefore important to articulate to staff where your organisation is aiming for as part of its well-being agenda and how it complements the overarching organisational performance agenda.

We can help you and your employees navigate and link both organisational and employee wellbeing through the following wellbeing engagement solutions.


Fatigue is a state of impaired mental and/or physical performance and lowered alertness which can affect employees at every level of the organisation. It is caused by a wide variety of factors, including inadequate restorative sleep, hard physical or mental work, health and psychological factors. We offer a range of Fatigue Management and Fitness for Solutions that support you to identify, control and manage fatigue risk; allowing organisations to manage work-related fatigue risks more effectively. Our services complement each other whilst working in different ways to reduce the risks associated with workplace fatigue. Please contact us for more information on:

  1. Fatigue site risk assessments
  2. Policy review and development
  3. Training and education for employees and leaders on Fitness for Work and Fatigue Management
  4. Fatigue risk management assessments


Our Pharmacy Benefit is a good way of thinking about access is in terms of affordability, availability and acceptability. We provide the day-to-day health care benefits easily accessed at thousands of pharmacies, doctors, dentists, optometrists, dieticians and therapists, which keeps our communities healthy, happy and fighting fit. We are not an insurance company. We provide tailor made easily accessible day-to-day health care benefits for extremely low prices. The benefits are charged on a usage-based system – We only charge for the benefits used!

This ideal offering was specifically created for those organisations whose employees are uninsured and require affordable health care.


Due to the strain on our health care system, lack of medical insurance, a rise in the number of employees facing bereavement/loss, increased suicide rates and retrenchments; employers are urged to put in programmes to promote the mental health of their workers. To support organisations, fulfil their duty of care we provide instant access to quality mental healthcare and psychosocial support for your workforce, not matter the size or location of your organisation. Benefits include:

  • Access to a 24-hour care line
  • Online and smartphone based psychosocial support
  • In person consultation
  • Programme management
  • Reporting