We act as a driving force or stimulator for organisations that seek to expand or refine their existing approach to the management and evaluation of organisational and employee wellbeing. The under mentioned is a summary of the process that we typically follow:

  1. Assess: It’s a common dilemma within South Africa wherein organisations design and execute a solution, only to discover that they weren’t solving the real problem. We therefore conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire wellbeing landscape.
  2. Optimise: We design and formulate an effective and sustainable course of action for success, by converting the identified solutions, through developing wellbeing strategies and the procurement of health and wellness programmes. 
  3. Feedback: During our monitoring we use a systematic process of collecting, analysing and using information to track a programme’s progress toward reaching its objectives. Our evaluation plans serve as performance feedback to business.

Our wellbeing engagement solutions provide robust engagement and care that:

  • Shifts the mindset of viewing wellbeing as a once off experience to creating an engagement continuum
  • Assesses a baseline to ensure that the understanding of well-being is grounded in reality
  • Sets the culture, the messages about how well-being will be approached across the organisation
  • Is clear on what is expected from leadership and management in order to drive the strategy
  • Engages unions to play an integral part in driving workplace health and wellness programmes
  • Generates clear and linked policies and practices relating to a healthy working environment
  • Builds personal responsibility among staff and
  • Empowers their own sense of well-being as a foundation for their growing effectiveness at work