Our approach stems from the social psychology research which reveals that most people return to what is familiar rather than trying or accepting something new. People need to know why and how before they accept a new ideology. With this in mind, we have deliberately chosen to complement and enhance existing or new health, safety and wellness programmes. The current health and wellness programmes work well, but what we offer targets issues on a deeper level to instil values and skills that will have a meaningful and enduring effect on individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Our services are divided into three core clusters, and encompass ‘being’, ‘doing’ and ‘becoming’, as follows:

  • Engagement and Culture is characterised by a positive attitude towards people and their ‘being’; it comprises the core values of interconnectedness, participation and trust. In essence, it’s about how we are all connected, how we participate, and how we can learn to trust one another.
  • The second cluster, Performance, Risk and Reward,is relevant for the organisational and individual ‘doing’. This is for actions planned or undertaken, and comprises diversity, equity and responsibility. This deals with how people carry out tasks taking into account others’ differences, the value they bring, and responsibility we have to one another and the task at hand.
  • The third cluster, Strategic Decision-making is relevant for ‘becoming’, and is characterised by the alignment of personal and organisational development; it comprises the values of growth and resilience. This is about learning to align our own values with those of the organisation, enabling growth for everyone.

The three clusters, in turn, harness the core values identified to form a natural and essential service to support and complement occupational health, safety and wellness programmes. To achieve optimal wellness, one must apply it in every possible area … environment, community, career, belief systems, self-care, self-esteem, and creative activities. Applying wellness in our everyday life will allow us to achieve our full potential and live with passion and purpose.